ABRIGA is a non-profit, non-governmental, classifies as NGOs. Its full meaning is “Asociación Benéfica por el Rescate y la Inserción de Gatos en Adopción”. This association is created within the framework of a complex and innovative project, which includes a physical headquarters which is accessible to members, called La Gatoteca.

PURPOSE: The aims of the association are varied in character, but they are all related to the figure of the cat. In a some way, we could say that our fields of action are:

– Rescue homeless cats, in partnership with other associations and protective shelters with the intention of finding them a permanent home.

– Education and awareness about having cats, responsible adoption, abuse and neglect.

– Studies on feline ethology. Support and education for the physical and psychological wellness of cat.

– Research, development and promotion of the benefits in the relationship between person-cat.

– Active therapy service to people supported by cats.

– Development of a site for the enjoyment of members.

In addition to the aims which are to be carried out at our headquarters, the association aims to implement projects or collaborate with others existing protective shelters and associations. The scope will be based on the same principles, that’s it, to assist in sterilization campaigns, control of urban neighborhoods, encourage adoption, etc..

FUNDS: The pursuit of these goals depends on their nature, they may be economic or social. For purposes that require financial support, we can say that ABRIGA will drawn primarily from the contributions of the members, whether regular or occasional, and from grants and donations that will not be from individuals. Secondarily, the association will hold acts and offer services to members and nonmembers, which will provide extra income to pursue its goals. Other social activities related to education and awareness, as well as therapies, will carried out by volunteers of the association, provided that they do not require the presence of an outside professional, whose cooperation, free or paid, will be requested when necessary.

PARTNERS: This association is public and open, that means that anyone who wants to be part of ABRIGA can join it, with a membership figure. Membership in the association provides a number of rights and obligations enshrined in our constitution. Roughly we could say that being a member involves collaboration with the association, either through financial contributions to achieve our purposes, or doing volunteer work, in La Gatoteca itself or doing tasks when a helping hand is required. In turn, members can enjoy the physical location and the colony, in proportion to the contributions to ABRIGA, they will also have preference at attending courses, lectures and other events that the association prepares as well as access to services such assistance on ethology, among others. Note that adopt a cat from La Gatoteca, becoming a member is mandatory. To welcome members we will have to wait a while to settle our situation, as soon as it is possible we will notify you! Any membership may be ceased whenever you want, with prior notification to the association.

We will post ABRIGA statutes soon so you can consult them.


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