What we are

La Gatoteca es the physical headquarters of the NGO ABRIGA (Asociación Benéfica por el Rescate e Inserción de Gatos en Adopción), which will soon be located in the center of Madrid. Here you will find a controlled colony of cars, rescued from the streets and protective shelters, which will be available for private adoptions. While that happy moment in their lives comes, all members and occasional visitors can enjoy the company of cats in the establishment, play with them, pet them, pamper them, etc..

You can become a member by donation to the NGO, which allows us to keep our headquarters open and hekp ather homeless cats, collaborate on education and awareness with cats projects, pet therapy, rescue efforts, sterilization, etc. Besides the feline company, we offer members added freee services, such as drink, wifi, reading… There’s nothing better to relax than petting a furry cat and perhaps take it home with you!

Take it home?? Yes! This is beacuse all our cats come from protective shelters, they are homeless cats, and we will start a series of adoptions. If after several visits you connect with one of the cats and decide you want to share your home with it, we will give you the opportunity to adopt it, advising you in evrething you need. There will also be a small grocery area so that your cat will not miss its favourite food.

Besides being able to go to La Gatoteca normally, we will also make available to members, and any interested people, courses in ethology, cat care workshops, education sesions and respect for animals, day consultation on problems that owners have with their cats, collaborations with groups doing therapy with our cats, etc…

Currently the project is near to the oppening, which would be on October 15th, and located at Argumosa street number 28, at the heart of Madrid. We wait for your future visit!!


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