Vida is one of our youngest kittens, it is only one year old. She was abandoned when she was very little last year in the city centre, next to the tourist zone. The customers didn’t like the idea of sharing “their space” with a cat, so Maria Jesus rescued her as soon as she could before someone complained for the situation… The funny thing is she is going to be one of the stars in a different café, in ours! In 2012 a girl wanted to adopt her as a present for a girlfriend, but unluckily this friend found a job in another city and the kitten came back to the refuge in a few days.

Vida is the sweetest cat you could imagine, she is quiet, she is cross-eyed, and you fall in love with her as soon as you meet her. She is still a kitten who, in spite of having lived most of her life in the streets, has never stopped relying in people… Ay, Vida Mia!!! (Oh, My Life!!!)


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