Pulguita is a very small street cat. One of María Jesús friends fed it at the entrance of a public swimming pool where she found it. The decided to rescue the cat because it shown docile personality but, when they arrived to the place, animal pick up services had catch it and move the cat to a municipal shelter… All we know how this centers works in much times, so they don’t think twice and run to search for Pulguita! They found it isolated and scared but, in the time the cat become to live at the refugee, it begin again to be happy and friendly, as lively and sure as you can know it now.

It is very, very small, white and chocolate colored. It has beautiful deep blue eyes that would conquer you. And it’s very curious that it doesn’t stops to lick you!! If you let Pulguita, it is going to do you a real peeling, hahaha. It’s a feline sweetness until the last of its last soft hair…


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