How to visit our cat café?

We’re opening a lot of time!! From 10:30 to 22:30 every day without a break, and at 22 hours we stop accepting new visitants. Monday morning we remain closed until 14:30 to clean in depth, check and care our cats and other establishment tasks.

Everyone can accede to our cafe and enjoy the colony company and the other free services (wifi, library…). But we don’t work as a normal cafe.. Is ABRIGA who manage this service through donations corresponding to the time you pass inside with the cats. When you come in we put you a bracelet with the time you get inside; you can stay all time you want and, when you decide to go, we calculate the amount of your donation.

We have established fixed prices for short stays and, from one hour, we divide the time on minutes, more easily to adapt. We have reserved the right to offer discounts for long stays, but we have to fixe rates for guide the visitants. Each adult can be accompanied by one or two children up to 14 years, being responsible of their behavior, and doing one simple donation for each children (the adult should paid normal donations).

We only have non alcoholic drinks and we consider that is other attraction of the experience. For this thought, you’re going to have one first free drink and, if you want more in your visit, you only have to put the donation you consider, only for cover expenses and never trying to get profit of it. It’s a self service, we teach you to dispense your own drinks, so if you are thirsty at your visit, you can get more drinks and continue with your stay.

ABRIGA members would have visit cards according to their donation fees, which are more economics that punctual visits. At bigger donation, more discount! We’re going to talk about membership soon… But we want to tell you that you can purchase those discount cards of 10 and 20 hours at La Gatoteca, for you or to give a gift to a friend, at better price than punctual visits. Only one thing is required, these cards are nominative, should be associated to a single person and only her or him could use it!

At the finish of this post you have the amount of donations by time and visit cards. We remember that it’s not a payment, it’s a donation, that ABRIGA will use to self-management and the maintenance of the colony and the establishment, as well as to find out its purposes to help other homeless cats. Each visit is helpful for them!!



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