As its name shows, Pancho is a calm, docile and adorable cat! It lived at an abandoned plot with another cats. The new normative about feeding street cats changed and the local government decided to close this terrain with all the cats inside… A teacher who fed them in secret each nights went to talk with María Jesús to her shelter to talk about the horrible event! They talked to the plot owner and he gave them the key to enter and rescue all the colony. Each night they rescue a single wild cat in a trap carrier, until the night they caught Pancho. When they opened the carrier, It turned face up like saying “Ey, here I am, scratch my paunch!!”

It’s a beautiful blond cat, with a little, little eyes, with the color of the sky! It get closer to your legs to rub and rub, and sit down at your feet waiting for your love. It’s the serenity personify in cat!


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