We love to get, but more to give!!

We are working to the limit! After the cat coffee, courses and the incorporation of TAA, now we sign on another subproject, very, very beautiful!! Do you know Amics Per Sempre Shelter form Catalunya? They had an incredible initiative some months ago: create a feeding bank for the pets whose families are without economy resources, called “Entre todos podemos” (“We can between all of us”). Help petitions arrived from all Spain and they decided to expand the project to all cities that would collaborate. At the same moment we saw the call, we contacted with them to offer our help!

There’s nothing most beautiful than give without waiting for something, and more in that hard times that we are living. Is sad that a lot of families with pets don’t have resources to feed them, and in many occasions not even to have something to eat themselves… And the problems grows when the animal is sick, with high veterinary bills that can’t afford. Many of that situations would originate in abandons, and we have to remember that for a lot of those families, their pets are an important member of their family!

For all those thing we decided to be part of this beautiful initiative of Amics Per Sempre and, from La Gatoteca, dispense pet food for the families without resources. Next in time, we would contact veterinaries to offer this families a free service to heal their pets. In close days we’re going to inform about the requirements to accede to the food bank, that would begin to operate the inauguration day, October 15th, for your dogs and cats.


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