Therapy assisted by cats

Our project is growing day by day! As you could read at facebook last days, we have began to collaborate with SoulCan Association, who makes therapy assisted by dogs, promote it at centers and, in addition, teach dogs for work at therapies. Their project is so beautiful, and they are great professionals; in the links tab you have one to go to their web an meet their work better.

From October, when we’re going to be open, SoulCan girls are going to make therapy assisted by our cats, at an adapted and very special room. Therapies would be of three types, each one searching for different results on people, the most of them realized in groups, but If you want you can request for individual ones.

All of you that have share your life with cats (and for those who not I explain it now), knows that cats are super specials and works people and places’ energy in an incredible way! Is known that the benefits that an animal provide to a person are many, but doing therapy with cats is very difficult, first of all because when they go to a place that don’t is familiar to them, they become stressed and is impossible to work well in therapies. For all this things, we have turned over the concept, bringing patients to the establishment, where cats are at their home and feels comfortable to work.

We think it’s an interest and beautiful project, inside the mother project, that could help many people to overcome their problems, get sociable with others, learn, play or simply enjoy! If anyone is interested in obtain more information or assist to therapies, don’t doubt and contact with us at or through SoulCan.

At last, give special thanks to SoulCan girls, specially to Celia, without them this couldn’t be possible!!


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