Bernardita is the devoted mother of the group. It lived at an adult school gardens at Tomelloso, where it was fed and cared because its good personality. But year by year there was a flood of Berni kitties and the situation become unsustainable. Bernardo, one of the school teachers, decided to intercede and talk with María Jesús, trying to capture it, sterilize and let it go again. But when Berni arrived to the shelter, it was too much pregnant and operate it could be very dangerous.

They let it give birth for last time and it bred her kitties like a fantastic mother. All kitties were adopted by good families, and one of them by the veterinaries that collaborate with the shelter, being their official pet Ying-Yang. Bernardita was sterilized and remained at the refugee until now, where it’s going to become a member of La Gatoteca.

It’s a beautiful tricolour cat, but it has soft blue and cream colors instead of black and orange, as special as it only could be. It has proved it’s intelligent and affectionate, in addition to chatty, its conversations would be endless!! If you be careless, it would call you and give you a lot of headers and bites of love at the same moment that it meet you.


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