With around five years old, it’s a beautiful and extremely smart cat, in addition to affectionate! It was fed at street by a girl, but she thought that Roco was too much lovely and carried it to a municipal shelter from where it escape to return to the same street, and it happened in other occasion, then from a cat refugee.

Later, a couple adopted it, but Roco escaped again, for two times… It’s not that Roco were abandoned, but it’s true that these people didn’t looked for its security to avoided that happened. Every time that Roco returned to María Jesús hands were in very bad health conditions, because its life at streets; in one occasion, it came back so sick that was considered the possibility that it were going to die. But it wasn’t its time and, with a lot of care, Roco got better and now it is the great cat that you can see at the pics!!

Its personality is incredible, brilliant for working with therapies. It has magical green eyes that conquer, and its soft without limits!! It would be La Gatoteca’s gentleman, it’s going to break your hearts, girls!!


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