Pixulina is a cat who loves people, every people!! María Jesús husband (she’s a SOS Gatos of Tomelloso founding member), brought the kitty from the street when it was very small and she raise Pixulina in home, showing its sociability and intelligence since then.

Four families have adopted it, one of them in two occasions, but for one reason or another it always returned to the shelter. We are sure that it never was Pixulina fault; it was people who didn’t adopt with enough responsibility…

It’s a very chatty cat, and if you call it, she always meows back! When you are miles away you can hear a sweet noise coming from your feet, and there it is, Pixulina is calling and purring you. It respects other cats but, when it is fussing over you, doesn’t leave other cats come around you, Pixulina wants you only for itself!!

It’s an exceptional cat, ideal for therapies, have it on your lap, love it and leave it loves you.


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