Slowly but surely

Days and weeks go by, but we keep progressing with the project.

Unfortunately, in our country all advance very slowly, each little thing needs one, two or three documents, and everything needs a lot of time. But we can say that we are working hard, step by step, to keep it going on!!

Legal and formal part is almost closed. The project is already legally approved, with all big and small things that government request us done, and paperwork are reaching the goal, at the moment.

On the other hand we have the establishment, and we can’t settle with any one! Each week we visit a few of them, we design, eliminate or negotiate… and we hope to communicate you an exactly location soon!!

Other ugly side, that is an important side of the process too, and that is advancing at its own rate, is the financing. Very soon (we hope) we can count with funds to start to give shape to this wonderful idea. However, very soon we’re going to start a crowdfunding, trying to be able to do everything “a little bit better”. When it is activated, we notify it to you, and we hope you like our succulent rewards and, between everyone, we can reach a more completely and beautiful Gatoteca to fuss over kitties…

At last, we want collaboration, a lot, with everyone!! As we previously said, we think that the union is the strength. If you belong to any association or simply you want to collaborate with us in some way, don’t doubt to contact with us. Our mail is and we are glad to meet people with similar ideas to ours and, between everyone, make it bigger than already is. Go for it!!


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