Yes with friends

In ABRIGA we have a number of purposes we want to reach, and that’s the reason for us to start this project. The main things we’re going to do are supported on direct help to homeless cats through La Gatoteca, and in trying to educate people to understand and love cats too. Because of all those things we want to offer the series of services we told you previously, and we hope we can enjoy it very soon. However, there’s a lot of things we want to do, short-term and long-term. Great projects, important projects, and we want to count with all professional and particular people who wants to collaborate with us.

What we’ve got very present is that in animal protection world, there is strength in numbers. Each day the amount of shelters and associations who helps homeless cats are being increased. We know too that there’s a lot of people who, at a single way, doing one’s bit, is collecting abandoned cats, being refuge homes, feeding urban colonies, etc. with the little ways that they have. We can’t help all the cats, nor all those beautiful people, but we believe that we can give a hand some to the others, reaching more people, and doing more and bigger things.

For all those reasons, we have inaugurated our link section, dedicated to connect with all those people who makes a professional, personal or commercial work to help cats. If you like our project and you wants to collaborate with us, be sure we’re going to do all that is in our hands! You can contact with us at the following e-mail, and we can see how to collaborate together!


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