What a lot of cats!

We want to have in La Gatoteca lots, lots, lots of kitties, hundred, miles of kitties!! Unfortunately, the reality is that we have to resign to have a maximum of around fifteen cats. We want to help them to find a home, and because we want to help them, we have to give them an optimal life quality, so too many cats would do that they’re overcrowding, and we won’t this. By the time the cats are being adopted, we would be able to admit others, and so we can do the adoption cycle we told you before.

All cats living in La Gatoteca, temporally or definitely, will come from a shelter or urban colony. We wish to give all them a home, but the true is that we can’t choose whoever. The principal point that will mark that a cat can belong to our colony is that it is negative to infectious diseases; we don’t discriminate cats that suffers leukemia or immunodeficiency, among others, they can have a long and decent life, but we can’t put the health of other cats of the colony at risk. To help this cats, we want to do a distance promotion, with other campaigns and movements that ABRIGA will start-up. We want to clarify that we only refers here to infectious diseases, so cats with other diseases or illness can belong with freedom to our colony, and they’re going to do!

The second point to select a cat is its sociability. They should be domestic cats, not grown-wild or semi-grown-wild, because these cats will be in continuous contact with other cats and, above all, with a lot of types of people. We don’t expect that our animals will run behind our partners asking for caress, much less, but it’s necessary that they don’t be aggressive or fierce. You can’t imagine the amount of docile cats that are in adoption, much of them abandoned from their homes, and are these cats whose easily can be adapted to a new adoption.

All of our cats should meet some health conditions, like being sterilized, identified, treated from parasites and with vaccine at day. But we don’t have to find a cat in these conditions, so will be us, if we find the properly cat, who take the necessary measures to reach the conditions for the cat to be part of our colony.

If the cat is young or adult, black, white or orange, shorthaired or longhaired, etc.. is not important to us. What we appreciate is the animal’s personality an health, operating in the last as much as possible. Kitties for everyone!!


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