The little shop

We want you don’t to miss anything!! If you have a cat or if you want to adopt one, we want to put at your service the food that your animal needs. We think that a good diet is a big part of a cat happiness, because a correct nutrient contribution gives it what it needs to stay healthy and active. In addition, this gets an inside and outside healthy cat, with wholesome organs, a cared skin and a soft brilliant hair. A properly fed cat is less vulnerable to some diseases, and its personality is better, thanks to feeling satisfied and healthy.

There’s a lot of correct feeding cats studies, but we won’t to bore you. We only have to say that La Gatoteca is properly informed, and we want to supply our cats and yours the feeding they need. To reach this, we’re going to give periodic presentations about the subject, and about other topics like health and behavior. But this is not the only thing we’re going to do, because we’re going to put at clients service a little commercial area, where we’re going to offer the same food as we consume, for your own cats. This way, if you want to adopt one of our cats, you will always have at your hand the same food it usually eat and that we know feeds it properly.

You could find at our shop some merchandising articles too, like games for cats, for you, clothes and accessories and home furnishing with a cat touch… whose sales we keep us reaching the NGO purposes.

We’re waiting you at our shop, with open arms and a good feed bag!! MEOW!!


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