And if I can´t adopt?

There’s a lot of people that can´t adopt a cat by different causes, but they love them! People who is living away his city, that has no means of support, that lives with allergic partners… But they likes cats a lot and they want to spend time with them.

Having a cat in home brings a series of responsibilities, both habit and economical. It’s necessary to spend time with them, play, give them affection, a good diet, clean their cleanliness zone and much more. In addition, we suppose that it’s a healthy cat, but as same as we, they can get sick, and receipts could be very high, so we have to keep in mind we could have veterinary unexpected expenses.

In ABRIGA we want that anybody who wish to enjoy cats’ company, but can’t have one at home for any cause, can have a place where they can go and spend time with them. Our cats are available to adoption, but by the time, they’re living at La Gatoteca, that have the expect to be an open place to anybody, where all people can come and stay with them. You can play, caress them, feed them or simply live together the cats while you are talking with friends, reading a book or working with computer.

The entrance to the establishment is restricted to members, but if you wish to come for a single day, there’s no problem! With a one-time donation you can get inside to enjoy all cats right this moment.

Thanks to this way of take action, we obtain a lot of thing at a time. In one hand we give all people the opportunity of spend time with cats but, at the same time, it avoids wrong adoptions under ignorance, and following abandonment. It’s possible too that somebody that doesn’t mind to adopt a cat falls in love with one and finally adopts it and gives it a definitely home. And thanks to the donations that we’re receiving, we can care of our cats, rescue more animals and keep growing and helping, not only inside the association, but at external programs too, always in favor of cats!!

We want you to enjoy cats without thinking about responsibilities and expenses, we care of it now. You only have to spend a while in good feline company, play with them, give them affection and get it back!!


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