Knowledge and education

We outlined a few days ago what Adoption Cycle was, but we left in the air the second point with which ABRIGA wants to help homeless cats. So today we will tell you about the activities that we want to do in La Gatoteca, activities which have to do with knowledge and education.

In recent years there has been an increase of houses with a pet cats, with the idea that “they are more comfortable than dogs.” But we all know that having an animal living in your house, and cats are a bit peculiar, is not as simple as grab and go. They require some care, good nutrition, time commitment, etc.. and for each animal this care is different, you can not care for a cat like a dog, because the result will not be good in any case. Not knowing how to treat them, educate them and make them happy, makes them to behave in an abnormal way, and causes that we do not understand them. This can lead to a bad care of the cat, in abuse, declawing, and even abandonment …

From ABRIGA we promote responsible adoption and taking care of a cat as a cat is. We want every person who has a cat to be happy with their animal, and every cat which has a home, to be as happy as it can be. That’s why we think that it is necessary to educate people, even before introducing a cat at their home. Talking to them about all it implies, both benefits and responsibilities, so that they begin their experience with all the necessary knowledge for everything to go as well as possible!

We intend our education to be continued daily, for each member to enter La Gatoteca, and for every person who comes and is interested in knowing about it. But we also want to give courses and lectures on specific topics, such as seminars on food, cat socialization, education for appropriate behavior and ethology in general. We will also have private consultations once a week, so that every person who thinks they have a problem with their cat,can come and ask, and we´ll try, together, to find a solution.

And for all those people who love cats, but for personal reasons can not have a cat at home, we have  our headquarters La Gatoteca at your disposal. This way we give all those people the opportunity to enjoy the company of cats, for as long as they want, without all the obligations that come with having a pussycat at home … MEOW!


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