International Cat Day

Today is one of those days considered International Cat Day, and I want to congratulate everybody on it by putting a picture of my two kitties. They are very happy cats, Gatito and Polar, one collected from under a car and the other saved from the slaughter of her entire litter. Of all the gifts I have received in my life, these are the best ones, they were a gift for me, and I’ve tried to be a gift for them.

I don’t believe in Saint Valentine, or Mother Day or things like that. Cat Day is every day for me. But it is true that these dates help us remember, not only those cats we have at home but also those ones which still do not have a home.

We want to convey this to the world with La Gatoteca: an opportunity to have a temporary home for several kittens, in the hope to find one definitive home for them. Education and awareness will be one of our challenges.

We wish we would never miss a purr in the lives of those who want to have it, and those who do not want it, we wish they would respect this animal as the sensitive living it is.

A huge MEOW to everyone!

Gatito y Polar


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