I want to adopt!

In ABRIGA we’re completely against animal commerce in shops, although we respect small and familiar catteries of breeds (never exploitations). In our personal fight in favor of adoption, we rescue cats and give them a temporally home at La Gatoteca, waiting for some member’s adoption.

Adopt an animal is always a profit, as much to the animal as to the new owner. They are very thankful and affectionate animals, that have no received attention, or  that have received it but were abandoned in some moment of its life. We want to get better that experience, trying to give each person the most convenience cat for him. One of the main causes of abandonment is the understanding shortage of the animal, people who purchase a cat without knowing its personality or if it can be well adapted to his pace of live. It’s not the same a young couple with children than an elderly and retired woman who lives alone, so the cat that they adopt neither can be the same.

La Gatoteca gives each person that wants to adopt a cat the opportunity to meet all our cats personally, for all the time he consider, looking at them not only at its hair or color, but at its personality, attitude and affinity to this person. Surely that one of them get closer to you more than others, is peaceful or independent like you, or it loves to be caress all the time, giving to you all affection and company that you’re searching for.  We remove the bars between who wants to adopt and cats, allowing them to connect and decide to be together.

To all this things, we can add the good health conditions and sociability that would have our cats who, thanks to staying at La Gatoteca, learn to coexist not only with other cats, but at any type of people too: youth, adults, old people, children… and in huge amounts! With all this we’re searching for responsible and final adoptions, where the cat would be happy, and the owner finds what he’s searching for, and we give you all support that is at our reach to get it.


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