Adoption Cycle

We are all aware of the serious problem of homeless cats, those born in the streets and those abandoned, a fact that is booming due to the crisis. We also hear from the protectors and associations that they are awash in animals, despite the constant support they received from individuals, such as money, or shelter homes, donations of materials or volunteering. ABRIGA is not a protective shelter, but we want to put our two cents, based mainly on two points.

In this post we will discuss the first point, which we call “Adoption Cycle”. All our cats will come from protective shelters and associations, that means they will be homeless cats, but with a sociable character. Our intention is to “tune-them-up”, that’s vaccinating, deworming, sterilization, testing them and treating the possible diseases they may have. Once they are in good condition, they will indefinitely become part of the colony of La Gatoteca.

But our real goal is to find all these cats a permanent home. Therefore, it offers members and regular visitors, the option to permanently adopt one of our kittens … Then we can go on rescuing cats gradually filling the space left by each adoption, and giving a chance to a new animal .
Adopting an animal, a cat, is always a good idea, but with this system we want to give a twist. Later we will explain the added benefits of our Adoption Cycle. MEOW!


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